Email Post to a Friend: How Do I Know if I Would Be a Successful Real Estate Agent?

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Are you contemplating a new career in real estate? With any career change, there are questions you should ask yourself. Of course, we all want to be successful in our endeavors, so it's essential to take some time and do some self-examining. To make it easier, we have a list of four key attributes that will help you have a successful real estate career.  

Here are four attributes of successful real estate brokers:

1. You Need to be Self-Directed

Many people are used to being told what to do, when to come to work and when to go home.  That's not bad, but that doesn't happen in real estate.  If you think you can set your schedule and stick to it, you could very well be a success!

2. You Need to Prospect for New Clients Constantly

The number one factor determining success is waiting for something to happen or making something happen.  Our local market will experience over 5,000 homes sold in the next 12 months -that's 5,000 sellers and 5,000 buyers, and many of them don't know who their real estate broker will be.  We'll show you how to figure out who is getting ready to buy or sell and how to reach out to them!

3. You Need to be Organized 

The modern real estate transaction is somewhat complicated, but that's why our clients need us!  There are forms and contracts to complete, market analysis to prepare, title work, and many other details to monitor.  We'll teach you how to be an expert in every area, one spoonful at a time, and we always have your back.

4. You Need to Do This Full-Time 

We've heard some future brokers say that they'll do real estate part-time until they make the equivalent of their current full-time job.  Truth alert: It never happens!  Part-time effort and commitment yield part-time results.  Yes, you can hold down a part-time job for a little while, but it could be holding you back from making the kind of income you want.

If you find yourself nodding your head yes to all of these, then you may want to consider taking the next steps to fast-tracking your new career. Real estate can be challenging, but it is so much more rewarding and fun, making it very worthwhile. 

Gambino Realtors believes in their agents and supports them on their journey. There are so many reasons to choose a real estate career, and we're here to help. If you have questions or if you are ready to dive right in, please reach out to get started today. Please contact Heather Porter at 815.316.4048.